I have spent over 10 years teaching, mentoring and speaking to youth, young adults and women. This journey has led me to unexpected places: a long-term healing community for adults with addictions, a youth centre in Ethiopia, and most recently to Ontario Pioneer Camp as a Staff Care Giver.

It is my joy to share hope, encouragement and challenge to women of all ages!

Session Suggestions:

Hope is Rising: Overcome grief and loss in the midst of a broken world                       (focal point may be on mental illness, death, financial loss, relational distance)

Made to Mentor: Embrace your unique gifts as a woman of influence, and learn to be an effective mentor to the next generation

Tin Roof Suburbia:  Dialogue honestly with the poor and meek, to redefine wealth and prosperity, and catch a glimpse of the abundant life

Masquerade Charade: Unveil your authentic self by dropping facades and masks, and moving past need-to-please perfectionism into freedom

To customize a session for your group or to reserve a date, email Sue at: hopenotes@suebroshear.com

In His Grace,

Sue Broshear