Gains and Losses

Can I just be transparent with you on Tuesdays? An insider glimpse of life here? …. Thanks, that means a lot.

So, this kind of unfortunate thing happened yesterday. No major crisis, just a life moment enough to make a stomach feel a bit uneasy.

Our cars became a rummage sale for some one at some time during the night, and some sticky fingers snagged the iPod found inside. It was my hubby’s. He enjoys podcasting his way to work, or digesting scripture to put in the drive time.

Not the first time something like this has happened to us, likely not the last. Just an experience that left a residue of unsettledness. Know the feeling?

Then I read these words and was reminded….

to lose is to gain?

to sacrifice is to succeed?

to surrender is to find salvation?

The world is so quick to move towards revenge and grudges, but Jesus doesn’t seem to go there at all. His gaze is fixed on who I’m becoming through the losses of life – big ones and small. He desires to see me rise above my longing to be first, to be favoured and to be in control.

Oh God,

This is hard for me. I try to avoid suffering of any kind, at any cost. Will you change my attitude to embrace your upside-down way of life? Grace me with love when losses come my way, and grant me humility for the gains as well. I love you and really want to get this.

~ Sue