Sayonara, Superwoman!

Honest truth.... I would rather wrangle three monkey children on multiple limbs and risk losing a clump of hair, than ask for help to untangle the shopping carts! What is that about?  Just to avoid the awkward ask. Welcome to Free Yourself Friday, friends. Let me go first. I am the queen of pulling the… Continue reading Sayonara, Superwoman!

Meet the #me too World Changers

Two words are being linked together to signify a common pain among us.  A deep scar left by sexual mistreatment, or abuse.  Whether left undeclared or spoken out loud, your story matters and I want to pause to acknowledge you. My heart breaks over your "me too".  This is a unique invitation crafted especially for… Continue reading Meet the #me too World Changers

Raising Praying Kids in a Crazy World

If your family calendar looks anything like most, those undersized numbered squares are bursting at the seams with music lessons, sports practice, school events and church commitments. As parents we wonder when our family life spun into such chaos.  Can we reclaim an atmosphere of calmness and peace within these four walls?   How do… Continue reading Raising Praying Kids in a Crazy World