When Broken turns into Beautiful

We were wrapping up a family vacation with popcorn and a movie.  Our three-year old was enthralled in every vivid-coloured car that sped across the screen. "Well, that was a good movie,"  Papa nodded with a smile. "Papa!! ....It's not good.....  It's GREAT!!!" Eli's dramatic reply and expressive hand actions had us laughing right out loud. He… Continue reading When Broken turns into Beautiful

Let’s be real… about Parenting

The scene that unfolded, wrapped around my heart and squeezed tight.  Twice the bubbly, young girl attempted the speak out "enough!" with her hand motions, but her request was denied.  Screen time with a device, over face time with her, won on that lunch date with mom.  Ouch. Conviction washed over me like a salty… Continue reading Let’s be real… about Parenting