Let the kite flying begin

It feels like coming home as I write this to you. It’s been a season that has required more of me, with less opportunity to share words and thoughts in this space. It’s stormy out tonight, but with a warm summer rain and very gentle rolling thunder. The kids and I curled up on a… Continue reading Let the kite flying begin

New Year, New Truths, New You

Dear Friend, Wishing you a very Happy New Year! If there was one gift I could deliver to your door this day, it would be encased in words instead of wrapping. A declaration of who you are, what you mean to others, and who you can become in 2019. Unwrap the truths that you need… Continue reading New Year, New Truths, New You

Let’s be real… about Parenting

The scene that unfolded, wrapped around my heart and squeezed tight.  Twice the bubbly, young girl attempted the speak out "enough!" with her hand motions, but her request was denied.  Screen time with a device, over face time with her, won on that lunch date with mom.  Ouch. Conviction washed over me like a salty… Continue reading Let’s be real… about Parenting