Our Big WHY? of Homeschool

Every time there’s a major change in my life, I decide to cut my hair to mark the moment. Am I bald yet this year? Well not quite, but it’s getting pretty darn close! I may be by Christmas…Stay tuned!

Our family is about to embark on yet another new adventure in 2020. We’ve decided to homeschool our 3 kiddos… or maybe they’ll be homeschooling us! Either way, we’re all pretty excited about what is to come. For those of you interested in following along, I’ll blog about our journey here with photos, how-to’s, struggles and joys. Feel free to share this with others who might benefit from some honest dialogue.


It’s a great question. Let me first answer our Why Not reasons….

Are you fearful of getting COVID?

No. We use common sense and take precautions, but we won’t feed into fear.

Are your kids fearful of getting COVID?

Nope. They’re more afraid of bees, bad dreams & big dogs!

Do you believe the world is ending very soon?

Honestly, we’d be pretty ecstatic to meet Jesus as a family, but leaving that timing up to God.

Have you lost confidence in teachers?

Not one bit. Our kids have had FABULOUS teachers! Some of my closest friends are teachers and I champion and cheer for them.

Are you overwhelmingly bored & need something to do?

Ahh yes, that’s it… 2020 has been such an uneventful year.

Okay, I give up… what’s your why?

The short answer… To teach our kids to be community-builders for heaven & to do life together

The long answer… This conversation thread began 5 years ago before our oldest started school. It’s been revisited many times since, but never acted upon. When we were thrust into Home Education this spring, it was a gift in any many ways. We were able to explore something new as a family, with wonderful support & encouragement from the school. Our kids enjoyed the more fluid & flexible learning environment, and each of them asked to be homeschooled this fall. That nudge from the kids, combined with all the changes in the school system to be cautious about COVID, was the push we needed to finally say YES!

We would love to hear about your story if this resonates with you. Free free to send a message or a prayer request to susan.broshear@gmail.com

Watch for our next update: The HOW-TO? of Homeschool Our curriculum books just arrived today! Spending the weekend on a refresher course of Grade 4, Grade 1 and Kindergarten! I’m sure there will be lots to share.

Enjoy your long weekend!

~ Sue