Who pressed the Pause Button?

We call 2019 – “The Year of the Kite”… It taught us to live with greater trust & abandon. To be honest, it felt more like being one of those Suzy-Stretch dolls from the ’90’s!

“Well, 2020 may be the Year of the Tornado”, I joke.  Our routines and plans swept off the calendar in a week. Our daily norms whirling round, along with every one else’s. Crazy!

Over hot oatmeals bowls this morning, three little faces stared intently into mine. How do I explain this strange phenomenon? Without letting fear or worry seep into their tender hearts. Why are we staying home, Mom? When will I have my mermaid birthday party with unicorn sprinkles? (a significant concern in our house!)

I grab the worn book from off the shelf in the kitchen… the cover is in need of repair.

The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed,  a stronghold in times of trouble. (Psalm 9)  The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. (Psalm 46)

Fortress. Refuge. Shelter. Stronghold. Safety.

Life sends some rain. Even golf-ball sized hail pellets sometimes! I criss-cross my finger and hold them above my head for the kids to see.  We need Shelter. God’s our home. He’s our safety. He’s our enough. The words coming out grab my heart. Do I really believe that?  Do I trust Him that much?  It’s so easy to settle into this self-sufficient culture.

Pause. It’s a wonderful feature. Pause Frozen 2 for that third snack, or an important potty break.  Now let your 5-year-old wield the remote, and look out! She feels like she’s on top of the world. Heck, let’s be honest….most of us feel that way!

However, it’s an entirely different experience, when we’re the ones being paused. Enter from stage left…. Health issues. Enter from stage right…. Layoffs. Enter from out of who knows where….Coronavirus 2020. Life grinds to a halt, and routines take flight, like that rice confetti at your wedding!  To be honest, it feels a bit unnerving. There’s this unsettledness that comes with the perceived loss of power or independence. After a few days, the question starts to surface….Were we really in control in the first place?

“We need to learn to Rest.. as individuals and as a society.  This is our opportunity to truly embrace Sabbath for what it is.” 

Words spoken from a younger, much wiser woman today, are still ringing in my ears.  How do I move from grappling for the (remote) control to resting? Deep down I know that she’s right.

To Pause can be a gift if I let it be. 

Pause can be time to breathe.  Time to look back with Thanks. Time to look ahead with Joy. Pause can refocus our perspective and recalibrate our lives to a healthier rhythm.

Maybe that’s what this season is all about, kids. Homeschooling and playing soccer in the yard, and go-fish after dinner. Napping when our body says enough, praying more and worrying less. Letting God be our shelter and our identity, not our bank accounts or our careers. Easy? Probably not. Worth it? Yes.

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. Psalm 91:4

~ Sue
















4 thoughts on “Who pressed the Pause Button?

  1. Thank you Sue! It is such a pleasure to read your blogs.

    Yes…stop …and breathe…enjoy “being”

    A friend said today that the earth is rejuvenating as people step back… Less pollution..less noise …

    We will learn many important lessons during this upheaval in our lives.

    Thank you for sharing your light

    Big hugs to you and your lovely family..🤗🤗

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  2. Hi Sue…loved your new post! Well said…l just was speaking to Mavia before reading this And yes what a time we are living in! We don’t know from moment to moment what is next But God does!!! She had a meeting the other day with her colleagues…she is working at the geriatric clinic It has been rather concerning for all health care workers especially those that work the front Line and most of the women Mavia work’s with , work with the elderly who are high risk. She was Telling me that every morning they have a meeting to gather and speak of their new guidelines and new cases …the days have been very heavy and burdensome…so as they began their Meetings this week Mavia spoke up and told the group that every morning before dropping of The kids she prays Philippians 4 over them and asks them every day what they are thankful f For!!! She told them that it sets the tone for the day ! So she asked the group if they could start With what they were thankful for and every woman in that room spoke from the heart and some With tears in their eyes what they were thankful for and what they had taken for granted! They all want to start their meetings this way every day!!!! Yesterday Mavia told me that a woman was thankful that for the very first time in a long time her two teenagers and her husband had dinner together !!! All week!!! Everyone has been so busy that They have forgotten what is really important!!! Praise God for this because I think this is the great awakening!!! So good to read your post and so encouraging my dear!!! Keep writing!! Love Linda

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