Family life uncovered

Behind the scenes with the Broshears:

Rarely do I share quite so openly about the inner workings of our family life, but this season is different. It is one of greater dependence on God and community. Learning to embrace weakness to find true strength. Perhaps you can relate and will find encouragement here.  As I share these words, a little miracle is asleep on my shoulder.  His soft, quick breaths with the occasional coo is like peaceful music to this mama’s heart. Sweet Isaac was entrusted to us with grace on August 4. He arrived here at home without much fan fare, yet came with an abundance of joy and love. The older ones (as we find ourselves calling Eli & Emmi) embraced his arrival and have shown great affection to their little brother. Isaac is laid-back, content to be held and a hearty, healthy bundle of boy. We are beyond thankful for his sweet presence of calm in our home.

A few weeks after his birth, 3 weeks to be exact, we were given another gift. This one wasn’t nearly as cute or lovable but was indeed meant to be embraced as an disguised blessing. I had a seizure late one night while at home. Jeremy was there by my side, to keep baby and I  well cared for through it all. A blur of non-coherent moments for me, were nearly heart-stopping minutes for him. He stood brave in faith, acted quickly with wisdom and was the gentle soul of a man that I have grown to love deeply.

It was one of those times in life that feels like a hard side slap to the soul. I was totally caught off guard, since I had been seizure-free for 5 years. Angry, slightly bitter and deeply disappointed I sat with the neurologist again. No driving for several months, a lot of rest, more blood tests and expect the brain fog  and fatigue to linger for some time. I went from jogging along, enjoying some of the best health of my life to slamming into a brick wall – or at least that’s how it felt.  What in the  world are you thinking, Lord?! Right now?? With a brand-new baby to care for??

We took it one day, one hour, at a time. The dizzy spells and memory fog were annoying at first, but everyone was patient, well, all but one. That’s been part of the healing. To learn to give myself grace and actually receive it and unwrap the gift. To ask for help has  been the second part.  Why is that so hard??  Amen, anyone?  I’m learning it requires such humility and a willingness to release control. That dreaded “c” word.

There’s a sweet friend of mine who has been helping us manage at home and keep our sanity intact. She’s a gift. To make sure the kids eat more than PB & J sandwiches and change out of their PJ’s by 2pm. To ensure the dishes don’t grow mold in the sink and to tell my stubborn behind to go to bed and rest everyday.

What I’m learning is this:  to have someone else do things that you’re used to doing with great ease requires much grace and grit. By that I mean, you grit your teeth hard as you smile and nod with grace! Lol

Beyond the tough lessons, the gift of community has been remarkable. Delicious meals, visits, cookies, baby gifts, bags of groceries, rides to and from school, even our lawn mowed! I can say we have felt embraced and held close. Our deep gratitude if that’s you.

Throughout all of this, we have been seeking healing for health issues for  Jeremy. To date, there’s still uncertainty – no clear answers  yet. It’s made us snap at each other in sheer frustration and at other times we come together in desperate prayer. I’m not sure when the answer will come. I am holding on tight to 5 little rocks with black letters. A promise God gave me at age 16 at summer camp in the midst of chronic fatigue. They simply read, “I will be with you”.

Well, that’s the short version. Ask to come for tea & cookies if you want the long story.  We’re choosing to give thanks for all the gifts this weekend…. three precious miracles, a rich community that cares, and the struggles that keep us humble and provide a daily reason to pray more.

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours! May you know how blessed you are.

2 thoughts on “Family life uncovered”

  1. Can I come for tea and cookies? You are a woman I greatly admire and pray to grow to more resemble. Thank you for your honesty. I share much of the same feelings and struggles, but without the suffering. It is an encouragement to me to hear of your trials and yet see your soft strength and faith still shine. Love to you all Sue. Miss your sweet smile so much.
    Stephanie Hurley


    1. Just come on over! I’ll boil the kettle 🙂 miss you and think of you often Steph. Your beautiful family is so precious to witness, even at a distant. Thanks for your honesty in struggling too. Love you!


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